Cultivation Solutions &
Best Practices

With a master grower on our team, we are able to provide knowledge and value to your grow facility and your cultivation team. We host one-day seminars at our facility on anything related to cannabis cultivation; from yield optimization to IPM integration into your own grow. We also offer facility consulting and training at your facility, up to we will come to your grow and teach one day- week long classes on specific topics and train your cultivators hands-on. In addition, we are available to take the lead your cultivation facility through leading from the front with the ability to greatly improve yields and plant health within two months’ time. These improvements will last as long as you have your facility.

Solid Connections

Relationships Matter. Relationships are built on Trust.

We believe in building meaningful relationships across all aspects of the cannabis world whereby we can be a resource or a connection point to help people, and ultimately, better our community. Together, we can move our industry forward and make a difference by doing what’s right and finding solutions that lead us to our desired outcomes.